FCCLA Welcomes New Executive Director!

The Minnesota Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Board of Directors welcomed Patrick Mitchell as the new Executive Director for the organization. Patrick joined the FCCLA community on December 19th, 2022. 

Prior to FCCLA. Patrick led statewide conferences, managed community inclusion projects and oversaw the administration of a statewide network that empowered thousands of people with disabilities a year. He also served two years with AmeriCorps, addressing workforce development needs in Minnesota. We are expecting great things for FCCLA!

Education in the NEWS


Today, CTE offers a whole world of opportunity, combining the ever-changing demands of today’s top industries with the knowledge gained from classroom and on-the-ground training.

Many of us have been trained in physical first aid, like CPR or basic lifesaving courses. But too few of us would know how to respond if we saw someone having a panic attack or were concerned that a friend or co-worker might be showing signs of substance abuse or at risk of suicide.

Karl Ohrn has accepted the position of System Director for Career and Technical Education (CTE) with Minnesota State, effective December 7, 2022. In this capacity, he will also serve as the Director of Career and Technical Education for the state of Minnesota.

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