as a volunteer

All of the Career and Technical Student Organizations are in need of skilled – competitive event judges at their spring state conference. If you would like to use your expertise to make a difference by supporting a student’s career pathway, check out the upcoming conferences on our calendar page or send us an email.

as a donor

There are several ways you or your business can support our mission. There are sponsorship opportunities within all of our CTSOs. If you are interested in supporting a specific CTSO event or competition, we can help you make that happen! You can also support a specific initiative or program of a CTSO. All of Minnesota’s CTSOs are 501c3 non-profits, so your contribution is tax deductible.

As an administrator

There are several ways middle school, high school and college administrators can get involved with CTSOs. First, encourage your educators to bring them into their classroom! Second, support CTSO chapter leadership activities and student members skilled competitive event entries. Then, watch those same students confidently bring home bronze, silver and gold medals knowing you were a part of that! 

As an educator

This is your opportunity to bring a premier leadership organization into your classroom! CTSOs provide well-planned activities and lessons that will integrate into your curriculum. They provide projects that promote occupational and skill competencies. And the competitive events offered by CTSOs will increase the level of recognition for your program in school and in the community! 


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